Episode #108: Aspire to Lead with Empathy, Creativity, and Passion with Joshua Stamper

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Rethinking Learning Podcast Episode 108 with Joshua Stamper

Joshua (Josh) Stamper, a middle school administrator in North Texas, is passionate about community and engagement. He provides strategies on trauma-informed practices and how to develop a restorative mindset. Josh hosts the Leadership Development Podcast and created the A.S.P.I.R.E. model, which is the staple in his new book, “Aspire to Lead”.


Joshua graduated from college with a Fine Arts degree and initially worked in the graphic design field for a number of years. He was always passionate about encouraging students to achieve their goals, initially coaching traveling soccer teams when he wasn’t working. Desiring to further his impact on students, Joshua returned to school to attain his teaching certificate, then worked as an Art teacher and coach at the middle school level for 6 years. Inspired to affect change at the campus level, Joshua completed his Master in Educational Administration and has spent the past 8 years as a Middle School Administrator.

Joshua has had the amazing opportunity to work at four campuses, two districts, and hundreds of students, teachers, and administrators. Prior to Joshua’s current position, he was a classroom educator and athletic coach for 6 years working with students in grades 6-8.

In addition to his administrative position, Joshua is a podcaster, Teach Better Podcast Network Manager, author, blogger, leadership coach, and education presenter.

Your Family

Joshua is married to Leslie and the father of five. Joshua and Leslie became foster parents in 2011 and had the privilege of adopting three of their children from foster care.

Joshua and Leslie are trained in trauma-informed practices for meeting the emotional, social, and behavioral needs of children who have been through adverse childhood experiences, which Joshua also applies to his role as administrator. Josh and Leslie have co-written the following blog posts to help and support other educators and parents with Trauma-Informed practices:

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