Let’s Talk about Religion as an ism!

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TL;DR: Individuals all have their own religious or faith-based practices they bring into the classroom. Take the time to learn about all the different beliefs and holidays. Reevaluate the options you are giving to students and staff. Make everyone feel welcome. I was taught by my father, my Thathi who said never ever to discuss this topic since it’s political. … Read More

Friends like Family | Gholdy Muhammad | Assessing Competencies

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In Don’t @ Me (2:16), Tom reflects on a camping trip about his core group of friends who are more like family. Then, Tom is joined by Gholdy Muhammad (11:51) to discuss her book, “Cultivating Genius, an Equity Framework for Culturally and Historically Responsive Literacy.”  Finally, in “Assess THAT with Tom & Nat” (46:40), Tom and special guest Natalie Vardabasso … Read More

3 Steps to Dive Deeper Into the Cultural Iceberg

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TL;DR: Explore your cultural iceberg. What are the visible and less visible bits of your culture? What does culture mean to you and how can you address it in the classroom? Take a global perspective when teaching about cultures. “Equity and Inclusion Just Got Better” Blog Reflection Questions:  What does culture mean? How is culture embedded into the curriculum we … Read More

This is OUR Moment, Teachers! 

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TL;DR: What will you do to teach and embed peace education throughout the year? Where do you stand when it comes to teaching students about peace? This post shares what you need to explore and reflect on about the Women’s Right Movement. Over the generations, education is that profession we consider to have a great deal of power! We hold … Read More

School Climate and Culture Affect Relationships

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TL;DR: A school’s culture impacts its climate. Demonstrate pride in your school. Focus on relationships and modeling positive behavior for students and other staff members. Culture Impacts Climate The terms “culture” and “climate” are used interchangeably. But if you are in education, you know that these terms are more than just words. They are values that affect students, staff, and … Read More