Ep 41. “Localize your message” and how best to embrace the hard, with Jenn Ford

Brian MillerSchurtz and Ties Podcast

A graduate of Georgetown and the University of Colorado, President and founder of the ⁠Frederick Mountain Group,⁠ and a wilderness guide for seven years, Jennifer Ford brings the good and powerful word! Speaking truth into public school marketing strategies and how best to engage in difficult conversations with passionate or politically charged parents, Jenn Ford breaks down how public educators … Read More

Curse of Knowledge vs Gap of Knowledge (Part 2): Analyzing the gaps of misunderstanding between teachers and parents

Brian MillerSchurtz and Ties Podcast

Parents and teachers are on the same side; they both want what is best for the child. However, for a variety of fair and unfair reasons, the gap in understanding seems to be at an all-time high. In this episode, Kasey and Brian acknowledge the stereotypes, discuss potential misunderstandings, and offer solutions of empathy for both sides. References:  Made to Stick: … Read More

“You. Belong. Here.” Three intentional ways to create a culture of belonging

Brian MillerBlog, Schurtz and Ties Podcast

Being a member of a community, a tribe, is a basic human need. In this episode, Brian and Kasey discuss how to build a culture of belonging by emphasizing the critical components of a healthy community: acknowledging the unique selves, providing an opportunity to serve, and emphasizing the importance of now. If you like this episode, please share!   You … Read More

21 Questions for the End of the School Year

Steven WeberBlog, Reflect Better

TL;DR: The final weeks of the school year are filled with a range of emotions as students and staff say goodbye and reflect on their growth together. Reflecting on the instructional design, learning culture, academic interventions, relationships, equity, professional growth, and self-care can support personal and professional development. The importance of asking the right questions, embracing uncertainty, and celebrating the … Read More