How to Make This School Year Your Best Ever (video)

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How to make this school year your best ever - video

Will this be your best school year ever? Full transcript below video. Video Transcript Alright, the question I ask myself every single year that I’m about to ask you is, how are you going to make this year awesome? Better than ever, how are you going to make this year your favorite year that you’ve ever had? Now, it’s very … Read More

How to Master Personalized Learning

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Personalized learning doesn’t have to be scary. Personalized learning is a phrase that’s going around education and spreading like wild fire. At first thought, it sounds amazing. Being able to provide every student with what they need, when they need it based on their interests and abilities, would be AWESOME! However, when we try to figure out how to make … Read More

3 Ways To Increase Student Motivation In Your Classroom

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3 Ways to Increase Student Motivation In Your Classroom

Let’s talk about how to motivate students in the classroom! Now, as every teacher knows, instilling motivation in student work can be a tedious task. With our ever changing world, students’ interests and needs continue to be a never-ending puzzle teachers strive to accomplish. Of course, personalized learning can truly support students motivation by allowing students to learn what and … Read More

There’s Still Time To Make A Change!

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There's Still Time To Make Changes in Your Classroom

There’s still time to make changes in your classroom! Whether you’re heading back to school, coming off a holiday break, or maybe you’re smack dab in the middle of a school year, I know it’s easy to feel “locked in” and unable to make any changes. This is fairly common. As the stress of the year increases, it feels like … Read More