3 Mistakes Districts Make with Professional Development (PD) – Video

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3 Mistakes Districts Make With Professional Development - Video

How was your last professional development session?  Video Highlights Having worked with hundreds of districts around the country, we have seen some amazing PD sessions, and we’ve seen quite a few that just don’t work. What we’ve found is that most of those that don’t work, don’t work because of three key mistakes that districts make with PD. Districts … Read More

Mastering the “Gray Area” Transition to Standards-Based Grading

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Mastering the _Gray Area_ Transition to Standards-Based Grading (1)

Have you considered the “gray area” during the transition from a traditional grade book to Standards-Based Grading? It can take multiple years for an effective shift to Standards-Based Grading for grade books and feedback provided in the classroom. As districts navigate the transition, there is a lot to think out, plan out, and put into practice. So, how do teachers manage in … Read More

Helping Black Students find their Voice in School

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Helping Black Students Find Their Voice in School

Helping black boys find their voice: The Power of Thematic Teaching in High School English Classrooms What we know: I’ve taught High School English for over 15 years, and I’ve fought the notion that the classics are “clientele specific.” In more forward terms, you can’t teach the classics if you have a room comprised of mostly black teenage boys. You … Read More

Burst the Bubble! Becoming a Teacher Leader Outside of Your Classroom

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Burst The Bubble - Becoming A Teacher Leader Outside of Your Classroom

It is so easy for teachers to get wrapped up inside the four walls of our classrooms. Between lesson planning, managing classroom behaviors, and prepping exciting new content, it’s hard to think about expanding our responsibilities beyond those daily routines. However, there is no better way to Teach Better than to step out of the comfort zones of our classroom … Read More

Mastery-Based Learning vs. Task-Based Learning

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Mastery-Based Learning vs Task-Based Learning (video)

Are you assessing for mastery or task completion? Full transcript below video. Video Transcript Hey guys. Today I want to talk about if you’re assessing for mastery or task completion, and there’s a very big difference between these two things. Lot of times when we assign work we assess for completion of a task. And the problem with this is, … Read More