Leading with Intention: Transform Your Educational Leadership

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TL;DR: Leading With Intention offers actionable strategies for educational leaders to make intentional decisions and foster interconnected school communities. Authored by experienced leaders Dr. Peter DeWitt and Michael Nelson, the book provides valuable perspectives for educators at all levels. The book includes charts, checklists, and reflective tools on topics like self-awareness and creating learning networks to enhance leadership skills. Are … Read More

Embracing AI in the ELA Classroom

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 TL;DR: Initial hesitation about AI in ELA classrooms was based on misconceptions. Embracing AI tools like Classroom Companion enhances student learning and provides instant feedback. AI doesn’t replace teachers, but transforms their role into facilitating learning. AI…In the ELA Classroom? I’m not going to lie. When I first thought about using AI in my ELA classroom, all I could think … Read More

WHAT Are You Doing and HOW are You Doing?

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TL;DR: Embrace the slower pace of summer to reflect on activities that bring joy and well-being. Catherine Price’s “3 W’s” strategy helps assess and optimize our time and activities for better satisfaction. Understanding what activities make us feel good now can help us prioritize them during busier times. It is July. The Saturday of summer. We finally arrived to the … Read More

Teacher Wellness: The Power of Pushing the Reset Button

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TL;DR: Importance of Resetting: Regular breaks are crucial for teachers to maintain their creativity, energy, and passion for teaching. Benefits of Taking Breaks: Improved mental health, renewed passion, increased productivity, and career longevity. Practical Reset Strategies: Incorporate daily breaks, fully utilize weekends and holidays, and engage in professional development. Teaching is one of the most rewarding professions. Yet, it can … Read More

Finding Your Presence in the Summertime

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TL;DR: Stay Present: Being intentional with your time prevents regrets and maximizes enjoyment. Preparation Matters: Practice mindfulness daily to enhance focus and awareness. Capture Thoughts: Create a system to manage work-related thoughts and redirect focus. Stay Present in the Summertime For many educators, the summer is a time of rejuvenation, rest, and relaxation. And then for many educators, the summer … Read More