Breaking Down Why District Initiatives Break Down

Chad OstrowskiAdministration, Blog, Professional Development

In This Post: The sad truth is, most district initiatives fail. There are common mistakes that are typically to blame for district initiatives failing, and they can be avoided. Start small, plan long-term, involve all stakeholders, provide follow-up, and choose the right provider, and you’ll be off to a better start, with your initiative much more likely to succeed. We’ve … Read More

Time and Trauma

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In This Post: For some students, the end of the year can be a scary time. Some students rely on the consistency of school for meals and stability in their lives. A lot of times, students do not know how to express their concerns or worries, so they can tend to act out. We need to see through behavior issues … Read More

4 Mistakes School Districts Make with Social Media

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4 Mistakes Districts Make with Social Media

In This Post: Being on social media should be a must for any school district. Avoiding these common mistakes should be, too. Using a specific hashtag for your district creates an easy-to-follow story on social media. Trying to be on too many platforms, and not staying consistent, can hurt your growth and the effectiveness of your social media efforts. Regardless … Read More

Creating a Rockin’ Classroom Environment

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Blog header image featuring a rock concert behind the blog's title Creating A Rockin Classroom Environment

In This Post: Creating a rockin’ classroom environment is about creating an environment students love walking into. Using music to create an experience for students can be power. Music calms us, creates focus, and inspires us. Which teacher’s class did you anticipate and love walking into everyday? For me, it was my high school history teacher’s class. He always had … Read More

Creating Impactful PD for Teachers

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In This Post: Developing impactful professional development takes careful and purposeful planning. Planning your PD sessions to encourage having fun, meet educators where they are, and start and end on time are key to success. Remember that being a learner can be stressful, don’t over plan, and utilize the expertise and experiences of those attending. Developing impactful professional development can … Read More