National Random Acts of Kindness Day

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TL;DR: Embrace National Random Acts of Kindness Day by adopting a soldier, volunteering, leaving gratitude notes, and more. From pen pals for soldiers to planting trees, engage in varied acts of kindness to make a positive impact. “Start With Hello” on February 17th, fostering connections through simple greetings and selfless gestures. In the United States each year, individuals have the … Read More

Treat Yourself

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TL;DR: Combat the post-January slump with a focus on well-being. Explore the concept of “healthy treats” from author Gretchen Rubin, promoting self-care without guilt. Recognize that stress is inevitable. Embrace the idea of “healthy treats” as a proactive and positive response. Create a personalized list of comforting activities that energize and bring contentment. Break the routine and enhance happiness by … Read More

Recharge, Reflect, and Rejuvenate

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TL;DR: Unplug from work and set boundaries for personal time. Recharge with hobbies and reflect on the past semester. Rejuvenate with mindfulness, healthy habits, and quality time with loved ones. It is time to recharge, reflect, and rejuvenate! Teaching is a rewarding yet demanding profession that often leaves educators mentally and physically exhausted when the holidays roll around. The break … Read More

Parent and Educator Roles in Smartphone Use

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TL;DR: Encourage open conversations, set clear screen time boundaries, monitor content, and be role models for responsible phone use to support teens’ mental health. Establish classroom policies, engage students in discussions about these rules, provide non-screen alternatives, and consistently enforce the policies to create phone-free learning environments. Parents and educators working together can mitigate the negative impact of excessive phone … Read More