Love And Marriage: Co-Teaching Relationships

Meghan PahlkeBlog, Connect Better, Engage Better, Manage Better, Reflect Better

TL;DR: Co-teaching is a relationship similar to an arranged marriage with shared experiences that feel like triumphs and challenges. Continue to get to know each other personally and professionally to build the relationship. Ask questions to learn more about each other. Have proactive communication to discuss how you will share responsibilities. Ask reflective questions. Recognize each co-teaching partner is unique … Read More

Learnability: The Most Important Skill for School Leaders

Steven WeberBlog, Connect Better, Engage Better, Lead Better, Manage Better

TL;DR: School leaders face constant change which impacts their daily decisions. So they need a new skill set: learnability. Learnability can happen in three ways: (1) lead by asking better questions (2) cognitive flexibility to navigate change and adapt (3) unlearning and relearning allows leaders to be responsive to new problems. Review reflective questions for school leaders. Change is constant … Read More

Sub Better: Set High Expectations for Learning

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TL;DR: Student learning can still take place when the teacher is not there. Hold students accountable for their own learning every day. Providing high-quality materials for teaching and learning is a shared responsibility. Learn tips for teachers and administrators to set high expectations for learning. Set High Expectations for Learning Think back to your elementary school days. Do you remember … Read More

The Special One

Nicole KellyBlog, Connect Better, Teach Happier

TL;DR: We can’t reach the mind before we touch the heart.  Focus on relationship building while still holding high expectations for students. It’s important to make each student feel special. The Favorite My grandma is 98 years old. She has 6 children, 7 grandchildren, and 8 great-grandchildren. Of her grandchildren, I am her only granddaughter, automatically making me the favorite. … Read More

5 Tips for Cultivating Atomic Love & Joy

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TL;DR: We can experience and cultivate atomic love and joy throughout our day and every day using the 5 tips suggested. Invest in getting to know yourself better. This helps when dealing with adversity. Know what brings you joy and cultivate it! Share love and appreciation. Don’t be afraid to say, “I love you.” Teach Better together. Lean on each … Read More