Focus On What You Can Control

Dana GoodierBlog, Connect Better, Lead Better

TL;DR: Understand your locus of control to make positive changes in education. Build a case for resource and training improvements in your school. Avoid negativity and find supportive colleagues for a successful teaching career. What Is Within Your Locus of Control? Often in schools, if you’re in a teacher position, you’re often in a position of feeling like you don’t … Read More

Can Education be a System of Profound Knowledge?

Brian MillerBlog

Should schools be systems-based or people-based? Can it be both? Based on the profound insight of William Denning, Kasey and Brian wrestle with the limitations and opportunities of systems in education. Do we manage failure or investigate its causes? Are our systems failing or are our people struggling? Whose seat is missing at the table? Do numbers really matter? Let … Read More

Military Family Appreciation Month Celebration

Suzanne RogersBlog, Connect Better, Lead Better

TL;DR: November is Military Family Appreciation Month, a time for schools to teach gratitude for military families’ sacrifices. Schools can promote empathy, community unity, and educational support for military children during this month. Recognizing the month goes beyond appreciation, fostering a profound impact on students and families. As November arrives, it’s not just about sweaters and lattes but also about … Read More