5 Out of the Box Ways to Engage TEACHERS in Professional Development

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In This Post: As a Student Learning Coach, providing meaningful professional development for my teachers is so important. There are 5 out of the box ways to engage teachers in PD. What better way to guide discussions than by leading with the students? Inviting students in and having teachers watch drives engagement. Google Classroom isn’t limited to your class, it … Read More

Flexible Seating Stories From a Non-Flexible Teacher

Anna Grace WaddellBlog, Class Management, Innovation

Image of chairs with text on top of image.

In This Post: The flexible seating movement has been going strong for a while now. There is a big misconception that the optimal learning environment requires kids to sit in desks with hard chairs. Flexible Seating Does Not Equal No Structure Not all teachers are the same Get out of your comfort zone. Even if flexible seating is too much, … Read More

Visiting Other Teachers’ Classrooms: Seeing Life on the Other Side

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In this post: Often, teachers become experts at their respective age levels, with little to no experience at others. This leads to an unintended consequence of our profession. Stepping out of their daily work environments and seeing what teaching and learning looks like at another grade level can help change perceptions. Some teachers think of themselves as elementary, while others … Read More

Is Effective PD A Myth? (video

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Video Highlights: Let’s break down why effective professional development for teachers is NOT a myth, and how you can ensure you’re creating effective PD for your teachers. Effective PD is NOT  a myth! There are tactical steps you can take to ensure that you are building effective professional development for your teachers. Establish your long term goals and break them … Read More