Finding Balance & Success During State Testing – School Administrator Mastermind

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Jeff Gargas and Alex Valencic recap an engaging School Administrator Mastermind during which we explored ideas for how we can better prepare and support students and teachers during state testing. Our conversation began with addressing the reality that students often don’t place enough value on state tests, and how we as administrators can better help them see the connection and … Read More

Advice for New Educators

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TL;DR: This post welcomes new teachers, emphasizing the importance of support and quality education. It addresses frustrations with discouragement towards the teaching profession and aims to foster a supportive environment for new educators. Tips on work-life balance, seeking financial support, networking with peers, embracing mistakes, prioritizing student relationships, and ongoing professional development are shared. New Educators I am so happy … Read More

Positive Culture or Resilient School Culture? – School Administrator Mastermind

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Admin Mastermind Recap, Joshua Stamoer, katie Miglin, Positive Culture, Resiliency

In this engaging Admin Mastermind session, Joshua Stamper and Katie Miglin explore the power of fostering a positive and resilient culture within school campuses. Our conversation kicked off with a fun hypothetical: ‘If you could add one quirky tradition or ritual to your school’s culture, what would it be?’ The responses were both creative and insightful, ranging from ‘being another … Read More

3.14 Fun and Engaging Pi Day Activities

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TL;DR: Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th (3/14). It provides a great chance to engage students with tailored activities for different grade levels. Elementary school activities include Pi Day Storytime, creating a pi chain for memorization, and exploring circle art inspired by Russian artist Kandinsky. Middle school activities involve a Pi Day Scavenger Hunt and a Pi Memorization Contest. … Read More

AI 101: Tips and Tools for Teachers

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TL;DR: This post explores the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in education. AI tools that can be used in education include MagicSchool, Diffit, Eduaide, SchoolAI, and Brisk Teaching. Some features of AI that can be used in education are email assistance, curated educational content, gamification, AI “assistants,” and reading level adjustments. AI in Education Over the past year, we have … Read More