16: You are enough. – Chuck Poole shares stories from his 19 years of experience as a teacher, coach, and mentor.

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Episode 16 - Teach Better Talk Podcast

Middle school language arts teach, and founder of Teachonomy, Chuck poole, shares stories from his 19 years of experience. Chuck talks about how a failure as a coach lead him to make invaluable changes in his classroom, instilling a mindset of family and allowing his students to take ownership of their learning. Most importantly, Chuck reminds us all that we … Read More

15: Developing Melodies – Music Therapist, Meryl Brown leads us as we explore the power of music and its impact in education.

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Episode 15 - Teach Better Talk Podcast

 Music therapist and owner of Developing Melodies, Meryl Brown, gives us a lesson on how music can truly change lives, helping us learn how to speak, how to walk, and maintain emotional function. Meryl educates us on an incredible tool that is underused in schools, with the hope that more educators will see its power and utilize music therapy … Read More

14: Totally Awesome – Tiffany Ott encourages us to stand up and fight for what we believe is right for our students.

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Episode 14 - Teach Better Talk Podcast

High school math teacher, and Teach Better Team’s Director of Curriculum Design, Tiffany Ott, shares how her shift to working with teachers has changed how she introduces herself, why she’s excited about where education is heading, and how you can affect change regardless of how new you are to teaching. Tiffany encourages us all to stand up and fight for … Read More

13: Completely Flipped – Raymond Steinmetz shares his journey to flipping his classroom to a blended learning model.

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Episode 13 - Teach Better Talk Podcast

K-8 Math Instructional Coach, and co-host of the Instant Relevance Podcast, Raymond Steinmetz shares his journey to blended learning, the failures he’s overcome along the way, and why he’s proud to say, “I’m a teacher.” Raymond reminds us to always remember the reason we’re here; for the students, and explains why he sees every school year as an opportunity to be … Read More

12: Perfectly Imperfect – Marlena Gross-Taylor helps us see the beauty in “letting plates fall” and experiencing true learning.

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Episode 12 - Teach Better Talk Podcast

 EduGladiator, Marlena Gross-Taylor, looks to inspire all of us in “the arena” of education. She helps us to see the beauty in “letting plates fall” and being perfectly imperfect. No matter what leadership title she may have or have had, Marlena is a teacher first, and she shares some incredibly powerful advice for not just new teachers, but all … Read More