39 – oh, i’m a quitter, alright

Jillian DuBoisMoments of ImpartED Joy Podcast

I’m a quitter. And I’m really ok with that label. In May, I walked out of my classroom for the last time, said goodbye to my friends, and left the profession of teaching after 20+ years. It was an emotional choice, but there was something inside of me that just knew it was the right time + space to give … Read More

Episode 48: Self Care Talk W/April Moody-Jennings

Alex Calderon1st Gen Teacher Lens Podcast

Hey, Y’all, we’re back with a brand new episode! In this episode, I discuss self-care and its benefits with April Moody-Jennings. Ms. Jennings seeks to be a voice for racial justice for women of color in education. In addition, she is a digital creator who creates mindful and self-care resources to help women navigate daily stresses. I hope you enjoy … Read More

Creating Communities Where Every Child Feels a Sense of Belonging with Michelle Goldshlag

Lindsay LyonsTime for Teachership Podcast

 School culture is affected by anyone who is connected to your school, this means administrators, teachers, students, other faculty, and families. ⁠ ⁠ If you want a culture that reflects belonging, Michelle emphasizes the importance of listening, leaning into discomfort and being equitable in who has power to effect change. ⁠ ⁠ Learn more about creating thriving communities and … Read More

37 – recovering + redefining the rules

Jillian DuBoisMoments of ImpartED Joy Podcast

I was raised from a young age that it was best to stay within the firm boundaries of the rules that were laid out for me. And I pretty much complied. I did not want to risk losing the respect or love of my family, so I set up some pretty unrealistic expectations for myself as I grew older. Those … Read More

36 – uncertain moments of trust

Jillian DuBoisMoments of ImpartED Joy Podcast

do you know what i learned today?  that we make an idol out of CERTAINTY.  in addition, we chase after control, clarity, protection, + safety in all areas.  we long for EXACT answers + for every detail of our lives to line up perfectly. uncertainty + trust play a key role in developing our life’s foundations. yes, the ups + … Read More