The Uncomfortable Truth About School

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TL;DR: Students forget most of what they “learn” in school. Acknowledging this gives us the freedom to focus on powerful learning experiences. Wrestling with the impermanence of some school “learning” challenges our core values as educators. What is Learning, Really? Educational thought leader Will Richardson loves to invite teachers to share their definitions of learning. His observation: most of us … Read More

Grin and “Bear” It- Part 1: Is Reading Overrated?

Dave SchmittouLasting Learning Podcast

  In this episode, Dave Schmittou and Katelynn Giordano debate whether reading is overrated in schools. They demonstrate what it’s like to agree to disagree and yet still have the utmost respect for each other. Based in part on their book, Poking the Bear, the two engage in critical conversations with the hope of being an example of critical conversation and … Read More

Episode 197- College is overrated.

Dave SchmittouLasting Learning Podcast

n this episode, Dave Schmittou shares why he believes college is not for everyone….as a matter of fact, it may only be for the few. The average American is stuck paying off student loans for 21.1 years.  The average American transitions careers every 4.5 years. Feel free to share your thoughts with Dave at: @daveschmittou   MORE EPISODES