Kids Do Better When They Can

Bobbie FrenchBlog, Manage Better, Reflect Better

TL;DR: Welcome to a new blog series to discuss which practices support students best. Let’s look at the social and emotional skills of our students. Kids do better when they can. Let’s explicitly teach them the skills they need to grow. Be consistent with expectations. Ask for clarification before correcting a student. I’m excited to begin this new journey with … Read More

Episode 23: A Pattern of Behavior with Josh Tovar

Darrin PeppardLeaning Into Leadership

In this episode, Memorial Pathway Academy Principal Josh Tovar shares his insights on meeting students where they are rather than where we wish they were. Josh also shares some secrets for early career leaders guaranteed to make a difference in their leadership. That, plus your #PepTalk and more on this week’s show. MORE EPISODES

Creating Norms with My Students Changed My Classroom

Carrie LaRueBlog, Connect Better, Manage Better

TL;DR: Students really do want ownership in how their classroom runs. When they understand the why behind expectations, they can value those even when they don’t agree with them. Mutual trust is a necessary component before students can reliably set and follow their own norms. Creating Norms with My Students Changed My Classroom For 16 years, most of the students … Read More

Rule-Breakers & Risk-Takers

Sanam EdwardsBlog, Manage Better

TL;DR: We’ve noticed recently how often adults don’t follow the rules. Treat students with compassion when they break rules. We ought to produce a generation of ‘risk-takers’ who understand how to analyze their decisions and understand consequences. Uncharted Territory School has just moved back on-campus for us despite a bloom of COVID cases. It feels like we’re entering unchartered territory … Read More

Episode 13 | Featuring Janice Moyer

Brad HughesGood News Brad News Podcast

Janice Moyer is a coffee-drinking mom of four boys, teacher of elementary school, Big Fan of Little House, and wife of Bearded Husband. She is proficient at eating M&Ms in secret. Jan blogs about all of that and more at and you can follow her on Twitter @moyermama. Connect with Jan! Twitter: @mrsjmoyer | @moyermama Instagram: @mrsjmoyer | @janicemoyer Web: Bonus Content Brené Brown | @BreneBrown | MORE EPISODES