Episode 19 | Featuring Chey Cheney & Pav Wander

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Chey Cheney is a middle school teacher with 20 years of experience, originally from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He currently teaches Grade 8 in Toronto, Ontario and engages in coaching and leadership work with students in the school beyond instructional time. Passionate about ELA, Chey’s teaching philosophy centers around student agency, student voice and a strong commitment to social justice. Chey is always looking for a way to embed technology in the natural flow of learning that ascends from consumer to engager and creator. With a vast athletic and coaching background, Chey aims to form a physical education and competitive sports culture dedicated to inclusion and entry points for all students.

Pawan (Pav) Wander is an middle school teacher with 15 years of experience hailing from Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada. Pav teaches in the same neighborhood where she grew up and went to school, and has thoroughly enjoyed working with students in such a familiar community. Pav loves to teach Science and Math, and combines the two subjects into Robotics, Engineering and Coding programs. She loves watching students, especially females, thrive in areas of STEM. Pav loves learning about new ways of reaching and engaging with students, especially through podcasting, audio and video editing. Fitness and athletics have always been important to Pav, and she endeavors to include as much physical activity in her day as possible!

Connect with Chey & Pav!
Twitter: @mrccheney | @PavWander
The Staff Room Podcast: @StaffPodcast
The Drive: @TheDriveVoicEd
Instagram: @the_staff_room_podcast
Web: cheyandpav.com


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