Why Start Podcasting?

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TL;DR: Plan your podcast’s length, guest criteria, and distribution channels to increase chances of success beyond 10 episodes. Consider your social media presence and marketing strategy to effectively reach and engage with your target audience. Decide on the episode release format (seasonal or continuous) and allocate time wisely, considering potential collaboration and outsourcing options. You may wonder if you should … Read More

Why Educators Should Podcast

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TL;DR: Educators should podcast despite the saturation in the field; it’s a platform for personal connections and networking, fostering professional relationships with like-minded individuals interested in educational improvement. Podcasting allows you to define and share your unique perspective, offering a fresh take on crucial educational issues. Your voice could be the catalyst for inspiring others’ thoughts and actions. Despite existing … Read More

3 Reasons to Use Podcasting With Students

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TL;DR: Tai Poole hosts an acclaimed podcast exploring diverse topics with experts, inspiring students to start their own podcasts, requiring minimal equipment but vast creativity. Podcasting develops critical skills: problem-solving, tech proficiency, and the ability to articulate ideas, aligning with modern learning standards. Creating student podcasts empowers learners, fosters global connections, and instills digital citizenship by engaging in authentic, diverse, … Read More

Empowering Educators Through Podcasting

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TL;DR: The post discusses the importance of showcasing the “teacher voice” in education through podcasting, exemplified by the voicEd Radio podcast hosted by Doug Peterson. The podcast provides a collaborative platform for educators to share knowledge and insights, complemented by Doug’s education blog, “doug — off the record.” This post highlights education’s transformative journey toward innovation and excellence. It also … Read More

2022 Teach Better Podcast Summit Recap

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TL;DR: The Teach Better Podcast Summit provided an opportunity for educational podcasters to showcase the work they do. These podcasters provided a plethora of amazing resources, experiences, and advice for educators around the world. As summer began, the Teach Better Team showcased some of the most successful educational podcasters in the industry for our podcast network to learn from their … Read More