2022 Teach Better Podcast Summit Recap

Joshua StamperBlog, Connect Better, Lead Better, Reflect Better

TL;DR: The Teach Better Podcast Summit provided an opportunity for educational podcasters to showcase the work they do. These podcasters provided a plethora of amazing resources, experiences, and advice for educators around the world. As summer began, the Teach Better Team showcased some of the most successful educational podcasters in the industry for our podcast network to learn from their … Read More

S4:E1: Towards an Altruistic Effort to Elevate Students’ Confidence #TBPodcaster #TeachBetter

Efraín MartinezWisdom and Productivity Podcast

S4:E1: Towards an Altruistic Effort to Elevate Students’ Confidence #TBPodcaster #TeachBetter | Wisdom & Productivity Summary: In this episode, I share concepts and ideas on how to gather forces towards an altruistic effort to elevate students’ confidence. I will begin by sharing a bit about my journey over the summer and why I took a brief break from podcasting. I … Read More

S3:E5: Interviewing Dr. Courtney Orzel (@drorzel) |Wisdom & Productivity| #TeachBetter

Efraín MartinezWisdom and Productivity Podcast

Today I had the opportunity to interview Dr. Courtney Orzel, a luminary. My favorite quote of the evening was: “Don’t let anyone #define your path for you” -@drorzel Listen to “S3:E5: Interviewing Dr. Courtney Orzel (@drorzel) |Wisdom & Productivity| #TeachBetter” by Wisdom and Productivity: The Podcast of An Imperfect Educator. ⚓ https://anchor.fm/emartinezedd/episodes/S3E5-Interviewing-Dr–Courtney-Orzel-drorzel-Wisdom–Productivity-TeachBetter-e1hlvnv http://tinyurl.com/WandPSpotify http://tinyurl.com/WandPApple <h1>MORE EPISODES</h1>

JagsWired: Lending a Voice

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TL;DR: Students are looking for connection, peer validation, and a sense of belongingness. This post shares the inspiration behind the creation of a campus podcast. Students and staff are invited to share their voice and their stories. JagsWired: Lending a Voice When I tell people I am a middle school assistant principal I am given the same sad puppy dog … Read More

Episode 19 | Featuring Chey Cheney & Pav Wander

Brad HughesGood News Brad News Podcast

Chey Cheney is a middle school teacher with 20 years of experience, originally from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He currently teaches Grade 8 in Toronto, Ontario and engages in coaching and leadership work with students in the school beyond instructional time. Passionate about ELA, Chey’s teaching philosophy centers around student agency, student voice and a strong commitment to social justice. Chey … Read More