Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches and Getting In a Rut

Alex T. ValencicBlog, Connect Better, Lead Better

TL;DR: Routine and order don’t mean doing the same things the same way every day. We can provide voice, choice, and possibility within established structures. Going back to basics is just as important as pushing the envelope. I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Nearly every day of elementary school, my lunch consisted of the same basic elements: a peanut … Read More

The Power of Finding an Online Community of Teachers

Jeff GargasBlog, Connect Better, Lead Better

TL;DR: The internet has brought people worldwide together, enabling the creation of online communities based on shared interests, values, and experiences. Joining these digital communities can provide a sense of belonging, support during tough times, and opportunities for personal growth through shared knowledge and accountability. Online communities offer not only personal benefits but also opportunities for networking and professional development, … Read More

Cooking Competitions and Classroom Observations

Alex T. ValencicBlog, Engage Better, Lead Better

TL;DR: You don’t have to be an expert to provide feedback. We can take feedback from a variety of people. Good instruction is good instruction. Cooking Competitions and Classroom Observations I love watching cooking competition shows! Cutthroat Kitchen, MasterChef Junior, MasterChef, Kitchen Nightmares, Hell’s Kitchen, Next Level Chef, 24 Hours to Hell and Back, Chopped, Is It Cake?, Beat Bobby … Read More

Unwinding Before the School Year

Colissa JordanBlog, Self Care Better, Teach Happier

TL;DR: Teachers should use the summer break to reflect on the past year, relax, and recharge their batteries through self-care activities. It’s an opportunity for professional growth through courses, workshops, and seeking feedback from colleagues. Organizing and planning for the upcoming year, as well as staying physically active, contribute to improved job satisfaction and effectiveness as educators. Unwinding Before the … Read More

Remove the Guardrails: Facilitate a Productive Struggle

Teach Better TeamBlog, Engage Better, Innovate Better, Lead Better, Self Care Better

TL;DR: Mistakes are essential to experience growth. Support students and facilitate a productive struggle for maximum growth. Challenges: Facilitate a Productive Struggle Mistakes are critical to deepening one’s reflection and becoming available for growth. Challenges are what we need to embrace the core of who we are, and what we could potentially become. Failure does not define us. It refines … Read More