Above & Beyond | Episode 29 with Tim Stephenson

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Meet Tim Stephensonhusband and father, high school teacher, author, blogger, podcaster and TEDx presenter, from Langley, British Columbia, Canada.

Tim has made a career out of teaching science, notably through an Astronomy course that he created. He made a commitment early on to interact with his students and curriculum in uniquely connective ways, with a stance of curiosity, excitement, and determination to uncover his students’ potential.

My entire curriculum comes out to shine in all its glory every night. Click To Tweet

Tim has thrived on being an educator that brings something just a little bit different to his students and school community–and over the years, Tim’s students have learned to expect the unexpected. He was thrilled when a group of his students nominated him for the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence, which he received in 2018.

Tim is also the creator of the Science 360 podcast on the Teach Better Podcast Network and the author of Beyond the Classroom–a book that is both a long-form manifesto of Tim’s purpose as a teacher, and also a love letter to the promise and potential of a life in education.

Connect with Tim!
Twitter: @astrostephenson
Instagram: @astrostephenson
YouTube: Beyond the Sky


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