Tiny Teachers | Episode 24 with Roots of Empathy

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Roots of Empathy (ROE) is a unique and impactful social-emotional literacy program reaching over 1 million young people globally.

Created by Canadian educator and child advocate Mary Gordon, Roots of Empathy leverages the influence of a local family and their baby, who is four months old at the start of the program. Parent and baby visit an elementary classroom once every three weeks so students can watch and observe the baby’s growth, learn about their temperaments and celebrate milestone developments.

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Episode 24 features three wonderful guests–all deeply connected with Roots of Empathy in Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada.

Mary Wright is a Roots of Empathy program co-ordinator and trainer
Jenn Veitch is an Early Childhood Educator and Roots of Empathy facilitator
Jenny Smith, an educator herself, was a parent participant with her baby, Duncan–the tiny teacher


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