Show 86: Empowering Students through Authentic Experiences

Ken EhrmannpowerED Up Podcast

Autumn Rivera is the Colorado 2022 Teacher of the Year and finalist for National Teacher of the Year.  She is a middle school science teacher and part-time adjunct educator.  She loves to create and engaging environment where students are hands on.  She empowers her students to see how they have the ability to make changes now and see those changes. … Read More

Learning Through Exploration

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TL;DR: Exploration taps into a student’s natural curiosity. It provides a way to use the content vocabulary authentically. Exploration encourages sharing and further discovery. It’s a great way to intentionally structure your instruction for your students. Beginning of the Year It is the beginning of the school year and students are returning to classrooms full of hope, excitement, and nervousness. … Read More

Episode #178: Stephanie Ryan

Dana GoodierOut of the Trenches Podcast

Dr. Stephanie Ryan, Ph.D. is a chemist, a boy mom, and a social media influencer who enjoys using her background to create superior educational products and content. Although an academic at heart, Dr. Stephanie is passionate about learning through play. She can be found helping young kids explore the fascinating world around them. Over the years, Dr. Stephanie has taught science to … Read More

Summer Reflections: Best Practices

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TL;DR: Relationships you build with your students go beyond the classroom. Research-based best practices are worth the extra effort. It is not enough to know your content, you have to know how to teach it. As I write this blog, it is mid July, and for me, that is the sweet spot during the summer. Enough time has passed to … Read More

Graphic Organizers

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TL;DR: Graphic organizers can increase creativity and can serve as a mastery checkpoint. Graphic organizers can increase understanding of complicated concepts and are fun to make! I love using graphic organizers in my classroom. The structure and organization provided by a well-crafted graphic organizer can make complicated concepts appear simple. This is important when teaching about science topics that can seem … Read More