AI 101: Tips and Tools for Teachers

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TL;DR: This post explores the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in education. AI tools that can be used in education include MagicSchool, Diffit, Eduaide, SchoolAI, and Brisk Teaching. Some features of AI that can be used in education are email assistance, curated educational content, gamification, AI “assistants,” and reading level adjustments. AI in Education Over the past year, we have … Read More

Mastering Teaching Essentials for Sustainable Growth

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TL;DR: Addressing the challenges faced by educators in a complex landscape. Mastery learning essentials, including feedback proficiency, progress monitoring, and goal setting, support teacher efficiency and student success. Simple principles help teachers and students thrive, preventing teacher burnout. Let’s embark on a journey of empowerment, exploring essential mastery learning elements that not only bolster teacher efficiency but also foster student … Read More

Teaching Students to Tackle Problem-Solving

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TL;DR: Teach problem-solving through engaging challenges in middle school career technical education. Daily prompts require students to restate problems in their own words before attempting solutions. Shift from large projects to 1 to 2-day mini-challenges, enhancing student engagement and managing activities more effectively. One of the skills I’ve noticed that many students struggle with is problem-solving. Often, when you give … Read More

Mastering The Grid Method in 7 Steps

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TL;DR: Master Grid Method basics for teaching success. Plan, engage, set expectations, and differentiate. Use assessments, reflect, and refine for classroom mastery. Can you feel the excitement in the air as we dive into the new year? This is the perfect time to shake things up in your classroom. And what better way to do it than with Mastery Learning … Read More

Annick Rauch: A PheMOMenal Teacher!

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My guest today is teacher, wife, mom, and author, Annick Rauch. A mom of four boys, Annick is also a dedicated 1st grade French Immersion teacher. She knows what it means to chase and accomplish dreams, and it’s what her recently released book, ⁠PheMOMenal Teacher: Pursue Your Dreams and Still be Your Best at Work and at Home⁠, is all … Read More