Motivating Without Grades

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TL;DR: If the task requires critical & creative thinking, then autonomy, mastery, and purpose are better motivators than rewards and punishments. Students today have to do more cognitively challenging work than they did in the past. Ten ways to motivate students without grades are provided. There are other benefits to using these techniques. In the last post But They Won’t … Read More

But They Won’t Do It if I Don’t Grade It

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TL;DR: Change is hard. Assignment completion is a concern for some if there are no grades. Numerous factors affect student motivation. Not all students are motivated by grades. The carrot-and-stick motivational technique worked for the industrial revolution. Previously, I had discussed my reasons for breaking free from grades. While there are many benefits to going gradeless, there are also some … Read More

The ChatGPT Debate

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TL;DR: AI has been around for a while. The use of ChatGPT is just another evolution in the classroom. Takeaways from the Teach Better Ambassador Voxer group are shared. Learn how ChatGPT answered this question: How can we use this tool to help us with teaching and learning? The ChatGPT Debate: How can we embrace AI without feeling like we … Read More

Why Gradeless? Breaking Free From Grades

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TL;DR: Our grading habits can be inconsistent and have limited value in the learning process. The extrinsic motivation of grades often limits our students’ drive for deeper learning. Going gradeless is not a simple process, but a worthy one to help students reflect, listen to feedback, and grow. In traditional education systems, grades have long been the primary measure of … Read More

Eat Better – Grilled Cheese vs. Standards and Rubrics

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TL;DR: Grilled cheese has many variations. Consider standards-based grading in education and the use of rubrics in assessment, grading, and reporting. When designing a rubric, be sure to stay focused on what you want students to know or be able to do. Resist the urge to add criteria that do not relate to the task. Grilled Cheese vs. Standards and … Read More