Gifted Strategies Are Just Better Teaching

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TL;DR: Using strategies that support gifted students can support all students in your classroom. While at the Teach Better conference, I attended several sessions that would work well for gifted students, including using Depth of Knowledge and the Grid Method as well as finding ways for students to look at math creatively. Gifted Strategies Are Just Good Teaching These are … Read More

The Uncomfortable Truth About School

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TL;DR: Students forget most of what they “learn” in school. Acknowledging this gives us the freedom to focus on powerful learning experiences. Wrestling with the impermanence of some school “learning” challenges our core values as educators. What is Learning, Really? Educational thought leader Will Richardson loves to invite teachers to share their definitions of learning. His observation: most of us … Read More

In Praise of Split Classes

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TL;DR: A split class is a class created with students from two different age groups. Split classes allow you to form deeper relationships with students. Students are seen as individual learners in a split classroom. A split classroom allows students the opportunity to lead younger students. split class: a class grouping that includes students at two adjacent grade levels (for … Read More

Providing Better Feedback

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TL;DR: Providing feedback to students is one of the most crucial aspects of our job. In this post, you will find five simple steps to incorporate effective and timely feedback to your students. (1) Classroom environment – establish norms and expectations for giving and receiving feedback. (2) Streamline grading practices – use the same grading rubric. (3) Use online tools … Read More

Elementary Gone Grid: Blog Series Overview

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Elementary Gone Grid: Blog Series Overview Everyone knows The Grid Method Mastery Learning Framework is changing classrooms around the world. But what does it look like at the Elementary Level? This blog series shares the basics of implementing The Grid Method at the elementary level and how to create the most effective elementary grids! Posts in the Series Elementary Grids: … Read More