The Uncomfortable Truth About School

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TL;DR: Students forget most of what they “learn” in school. Acknowledging this gives us the freedom to focus on powerful learning experiences. Wrestling with the impermanence of some school “learning” challenges our core values as educators. What is Learning, Really? Educational thought leader Will Richardson loves to invite teachers to share their definitions of learning. His observation: most of us … Read More

52 – Stories of Parents and School

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    52 – Stories of Parents and School Release date: September 19th 2022 Titles: The Stories of Parents and School Description: On this Episode, we continue our look into how people feel about the first day of school. At least we tried, but in the process of spending time interviewing Parents, our theme for the episode shifted. This episode … Read More

Bicoastal Edtech Deep Dive with the Check This Out Podcast

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GotTechED the Podcast Crossover Episode with the Check this Out podcast. EPISODE 119 Welcome to a Bicoastal episode with our guest from the podcast GotTechED, Nick Johnson and Eric Guise !!!! Deep Dive: What is one thing you are going to do/strive for this year… something we can hold each other accountable for. Guise and Nick: Students as content creators: World Ready … Read More

40 – uplift with atomic interactions – livia chan

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Moments of Imparted Joy is celebrating the 40th episode. In addition, this 40th episode happens to fall on a very special day – believing that nothing is coincidental, today is exactly 40 days since the moment that Livia Chan and I met in real life and spent three whole glorious days together soaking up every ounce of sunshine + love. … Read More

Balancing Self-Care and Learning

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TL;DR: It’s important to balance self-care and learning. Understand that it’s okay to take a break. Strategies to make your time for yourself include choosing one thing to start, celebrating, having a routine, finding time to relax and recharge, and disconnecting. Balancing self-care and learning: It’s okay to take a break. We’ve all heard about how nice it must be … Read More