The Heart of Education: Taking Risks

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TL;DR: Taking risks makes teaching more exciting and fulfilling. Start small with change to accomplish more in the long run. Risk-taking is easier for students when we build them a safety net. Failure is natural. Show students it’s okay to fail as long as we try again. Growing up, we’re taught to be careful: to wear helmets and knee pads … Read More

Empowering Education: Unraveling the Magic of Ron Clark Academy!

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TL;DR: Connect broadly: Engage with the entire RCA staff for diverse insights and networking opportunities, beyond just the founders. Bond with students: Interact with RCA students, share experiences, and join in-house activities for a deeper connection. Embrace the culture: Explore Atlanta’s culture, participate in RCA events, and prioritize being fully present during the visit for a meaningful experience. This summer, … Read More

Learner Agency: Teaching The Art of Agility

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TL;DR: Learner agency empowers students through student voice, choice, innovation, and authentic tasks, allowing them to take ownership of their learning. Teachers can create opportunities for learner agency by implementing strategies such as project-based learning, arts education, communication, problem-solving, and reflection. Learner agency enables students to set goals, reflect on their progress, and transfer their understanding in new situations, developing … Read More

Integrating Earth Day in Your Learning Space

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┬áTL;DR: For learners to connect with their environment, create time to be outdoors to develop care and concern for our Earth. Integrate Earth Day with nature journaling, diagramming and modeling with nature materials, engineering, design thinking, STEM or STEAM challenges, scavenger hunts, and nature walks. These ideas can be integrated anytime, not just for Earth Day! Earth Day is the … Read More

One Thing Leads to Another

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TL;DR: In order for students to be college and career ready, they need to have soft skills. Like all learning, this does not happen overnight. It builds over time. Incorporate soft skills into your teaching at all levels. One Thing Leads to Another Recently, the job website CareerBuilder did a survey of employers on what they are looking for in … Read More