Can Education be a System of Profound Knowledge?

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Should schools be systems-based or people-based? Can it be both? Based on the profound insight of William Denning, Kasey and Brian wrestle with the limitations and opportunities of systems in education. Do we manage failure or investigate its causes? Are our systems failing or are our people struggling? Whose seat is missing at the table? Do numbers really matter? Let … Read More

Get your hands dirty. Engage in the mess. Find solutions.

Brian MillerSchurtz and Ties Podcast

“People without dirty hands are wrong. Doing something makes you right.” In this episode, Brian and Kasey dive into the fears and realities of diving into the lives of the people around us, they acknowledge the difficulties and fears of doing so, and wrestle with real solutions that provide us with real outcomes. “Find the beauty in others. If all … Read More

The Cult of Done. Is it worth throwing away?

Brian MillerSchurtz and Ties Podcast

Are we truly done, or merely exhausted? Are we ready to throw it away, or simply fearful of getting our hands dirty? In this episode, Brian and Kasey wrestle with what it truly means to be done with systems, processes, even people. Please reach out and let us know your thoughts! We would love to hear from you.   X … Read More

The Heart of Education: Taking Risks

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TL;DR: Taking risks makes teaching more exciting and fulfilling. Start small with change to accomplish more in the long run. Risk-taking is easier for students when we build them a safety net. Failure is natural. Show students it’s okay to fail as long as we try again. Growing up, we’re taught to be careful: to wear helmets and knee pads … Read More

Safe, Secure, and Stable : A reflection of over 40 years

Brian MillerSchurtz and Ties Podcast

Mr. Moore has served in the education world for over 40 years as a teacher, principal, and superintendent. In this episode, he reflects on his time, this profession, and the foundational purpose of education. Thank you, Mr Moore, for your years of dedication, and for sharing your journey and wisdom with us. You can hear more on Spotify or Apple … Read More