Disruption, Storytelling, and Values in a Thinking Classroom (w Peter Liljedahl)

Natalie Vardabasso#EduCrush Podcast

“Students can either be accountable to you, or responsible for themselves; they cannot be both. So, you have to make your choice.” - Peter Liljedahl Click To Tweet

Many of our institutional norms are causing “studenting” behavior that stifles thinking. Dr. Peter Liljedahl’s research aims to disrupt this behavior through “contrarian experimental methodology” and he has discovered 14 practices that liberate thinking in the classroom. Though his research took place in Mathematics, his findings are applicable for any educator that wants to tap into the emotional experience through story and teach with integrity to their values.

Show Notes:

  • Peter’s love for teaching has been transferred to teaching teachers. (6:55)
  • Unpacking what is meant by “studenting” behaviour. (8:25)
  • Research as contrarian experimental methodology. (13:53)
  • Being cavalier with curriculum to nurture problem-solving. (19:50)
  • The role of storytelling in a thinking classroom. (25:00)
  • Rewriting each student’s story through the emotional experience in Math. (31:20)
  • The dominance of the noun over the verb of education. (33:00)
  • We evaluate what we value. (33:55)
  • Rethinking rubrics to enhance their ability to offer feedback to students. (39:15)
  • Shifting homework from a highly monitored compliance task to an optional check for understanding. (42:10)
  • The foundational practice in a thinking classroom. (51:00)
  • Living into the verb of education. (57:50)

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