Being a Bad Student Made Me a Good Teacher

Natalie Vardabasso#EduCrush Podcast



How was school for you? I mean as a student. For me, it was a bit rough at points. School has always been a struggle for me. That said, I would not trade the experiences I’ve had as a student. They made me who I am, the showed me what it looks like when a teacher believes in you. I think those experiences give me real insight into the mind of students who struggle. This week, we’re talking a bit about how being a bad student made me a good teacher.


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Show Notes:

Introduction 00:00

Elementary 2:48

Literal Bridge Building 5:24

Junior High   7:08

Compliments 9:50

High School 10:30

Panic Attacks 11:46

Graduation 13:19

Post Secondary 15:19

Hitting my stride 19:18

Becoming a teacher 21:01

My thank you note 23:08

Conclusion 23:44