50 – The First Day of School: Students Perspective

Natalie Vardabasso#EduCrush Podcast

During this season, we’re looking at the role story has to play in how we see and interact with education. There are many people and perspectives needed for us to answer this question. Today you are going to hear from students, some at the very beginning of school life, some at the end and some far beyond the hallways of high school. They are going to share their perspectives, not about school in general, that’s too big. Today, we’re tackling the first day of school.

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Show Notes:

Introduction 00:38

Introducing our guests 02:42

Most memorable first day of school 03:11

Significant thoughts on the first day school 05:29

What they would tell their teachers 09:35

The Purpose of Education part one 11:51

Trent Interview 16:30

The first day is the start of the story 20:47

The Purpose of Education part two 26:08

The Children Interview 29:07