52 – Stories of Parents and School

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52 – Stories of Parents and School

Release date: September 19th 2022

Titles: The Stories of Parents and School


On this Episode, we continue our look into how people feel about the first day of school. At least we tried, but in the process of spending time interviewing Parents, our theme for the episode shifted. This episode is simply about the stories of parents and School. You will hear from two parents as well as hear me summarize a few of the other conversations that I had. Truth be told, this was a challenging episode to work on, but I found it to be a worthwhile endeavor. I hope that as we continue to explore this question of rehumanizing education that you feel empowered to hear the stories of those around you, interacting with the education space.

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Show Notes:

Introduction  00:28

Interview 1: Caitrin 3:25

Hope for the future 5:56

A message for teachers 10:36

The Purpose of Education for Caitrin 13:03

Interview 2: Brenda: 15:57

Afraid of the teacher 17:03

Positive Aspects of School 19:36

Negative experiences 21:39

Brenda’s Final Thoughts 25:55

Mary 27:33

Jean 31:24

Final Thoughts 36:45

Significant quotes:

“I want my kids to feel secure enough socially that they can be daring intellectually” 9:20 Caitrin

“The purpose of education is not necessarily to give you knowledge but to teach you how to find it when you need it” 13:06 Caitrin

“He [the teacher] realized that she [the student] was struggling and he would help us [the parents] teach her, what she needed to know” 18:33 Brenda

“It all starts with Mom, Dad, Teachers and Grand Parents because everyone works together as a community … that makes a big difference” 26:51 Brenda