Activating Agency to Grow Readers

Natalie Vardabasso#EduCrush Podcast

“Don’t you think there should be a book that represents something about you, somewhere in the curriculum?” - Penny Kittle Click To Tweet

Why do so many teenagers hate reading? Renowned author and Literacy advocate Penny Kittle believes it has everything to do with a lack of “book love” and that teachers have the capacity to ignite it. On the episode, she connects with Natalie to discuss how to expose students to a wide variety of books, conference to unlock the reading life, and ultimately, grow student agency by allowing them to make decisions as readers (and writers).

Show Notes:

  • An interesting fact about Penny you might not find in her Heineman bio. (4:45)
  • Why do so many teenagers hate reading? (7:50)
  • How we can both teach the canon and allow choice simultaneously to provide a balance of perspectives in books. (12:40)
  • Getting resourceful when your school doesn’t have a library. (16:15)
  • Modelling being a reader and honoring the sacred nature of in-class reading time. (18:40)
  • The threads to tug on when conferencing with a reader. (24:45)
  • Saying less to listen with curiosity and learn more about the reading life. (29:10)
  • Who is holding the power in a book? Who is holding power in schools? Whose story are we living in? (34:15)
  • Getting out of our students’ way to ignite agency. (42:30)
  • Building analytical skills through digital composition. (44:40)
  • The purpose of education. (46:00)

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