Reading Is Breathing In: Book Choices Matter

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TL;DR: The post uses an analogy of weightlifting to explain the importance of choosing different levels of books. It categorizes books into painless (easy), on-target (comfortable), and challenging (difficult) levels, emphasizing the need to vary one’s reading choices to grow as a reader. Encourages students to primarily read on-target books but also occasionally challenge themselves with more difficult material while … Read More

Reading Engagement Tips

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TL;DR: Be a reading role model: Inspire and create a reading-friendly environment at home. Keep it fun: Let them choose books, create cozy reading spaces, and make reading an enjoyable experience. Talk about what they’re reading: Encourage discussions and book-related conversations to enrich their experience. Give them a chance to read aloud: Foster their reading skills and let their passions … Read More

Unlocking the Benefits Of Summer Reading

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TL;DR: Assigned summer reading is beneficial for students as it promotes continuous learning, enhances vocabulary and language skills, fosters critical thinking, boosts creativity and imagination, and cultivates empathy and understanding. It prevents the “summer slide” and helps students perform better academically when they return to school. Reading during the summer expands knowledge, broadens horizons, and encourages a lifelong love for … Read More

Connecting Your Class with Authors

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TL;DR: Virtual learning led to decreased student motivation, prompting the need for engaging and meaningful activities. Using picture books and connecting with authors proved effective in fostering social-emotional learning and motivation. Strategies such as utilizing social media, attending author book signings, and exploring author websites facilitated connections and sparked students’ interest in writing and reading. After several weeks of virtual … Read More

Balancing Book Bans

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TL;DR: Book bans pose challenges for teachers, requiring them to navigate policies and laws while balancing their responsibilities to students. Teachers should familiarize themselves with school policies and relevant laws to understand their options and responsibilities when facing a book ban. Staying informed about current events and book ban developments, preparing alternative materials, advocating for students, and using book bans … Read More