Strategy Hack: Digital Literacy and Civil Engagement w Meagan Heard

Natalie Vardabasso#EduCrush Podcast, Digital Literacy

Show Notes:  

Start of interview 1:30 

Students are very engaged with what’s happening around them 2:25 

Validating a plurality of perspectives 3:55 

Discussing tribalism with the students 6:46 

How to have productive conversations in the classroom 8:05 

Addressing when what is taught comes into conflict with what students hear from home 10:35 

Teaching students to assess a source (digital literacy) 12:36 

Aiming to gain the skills of a journalist 23:09 

Encouraging students to pursue truth 24:23 

Preparing students for when the truth makes them uncomfortable 27:41 

The purpose of education 31:53 

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