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Lindsay Titus is a passionate, influential educator specializing in the field of behavior analysis. She is driven every single day to teach other educators how to redefine what success looks like for the students we work with every day. Her ultimate goal as a behavior specialist is to inspire other educators to recognize that all students have a story to share.

With experience as a classroom teacher and her current role as a K-12 behavior specialist, Lindsay also has experience working in residential, and private settings. Lindsay shares her passion through her experiences to guide, motivate, and encourage other educators to do the same. To use their own personal stories to create connections and relationships with others.

In addition to being a board-certified behavior analyst with a Master’s in Special Education, Lindsay is also an educational coach working with educators across the country through DEFINE YOUniversity. Through the various roles she serves, Lindsay works every day to share simple yet strategic tools and strategies with educators so they too can feel confident in who they are as educators and strengthen the connections with their students every single day.

What story do you have?

I quit teaching 1 month shy of finishing my 5th year. I became the statistic of special education teachers who burnt out within 5 years. And it wrecked me. And at the same time, it validated a belief I held for myself since childhood. And that was I wasn’t born with confidence and that was the reason why I couldn’t do things. I lived a fixed mindset life for decades. After trying out different types of jobs in the education field (private, public, residential), I finally decided there must be an easier way. And at that same time, I came across a mindset coach, and thought, why not, I’ve tried everything else. Let’s try this. And to be honest, while I was hopeful, I really didn’t think it would work. But it did. Through the process of what I know call inner work, I found myself. I found my light. I found my purpose and passion. And everything else felt easy. Life became fun. My job became purposeful. And life became what I had always wished it could be. I had taken my future dreams and goals and turned them into my present-day reality. And now I have the honor of coaching the same transformations in educators today through DEFINE YOUniversity.

I resonate with the concept that leadership is not a title or a specific role. It isn’t something we are born with. It’s a verb, its action, it’s something we continue to grow each and every day through the power of listening and learning.  My goal in any role I serve is to lead myself to creating the best life possible for me that aligns with my mission, my vision, values, and standards, so that I can help coach others to find the same for themselves, no matter what age they may be.

What leadership topics interest you?

The idea of coaching and leading through the use of questions is a major focus of my role this year as a behavior specialist. Staying out of the advice trap is so important, and something I am practicing each day at work and through my own business. I’m also in my coursework for administration and am learning how important it is to lead myself before I can lead others. Having the confidence in who I am as a person, has helped me lead others while continuing to listen and learn from others every day.

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