A Leader’s Heart – Dr. Nychole Mitchell

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Dr. Nychole Mitchell

She holds a Doctorate, MBA and Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Business Administration and Ministry with concentrations in Psychology, Management, and Christian Business. She’s had the pleasure of studying overseas in Malaysia and Singapore and tutors for Grades PreK-12, College Students, and Adults in various subjects along with providing test preparation (SAT, ACT & GED) since 1991. Likewise, she has worked at Universities and Public, Private & Charter Schools teaching Math, Business, Information Technology and Computer Science courses. It has been her pleasure to give the joy of success through academic excellence. Dr. Nychole says she’s a bonafide techie geek who loves to support educators and share innovative ways to integrate technology into curriculum. In addition, she’s been a business consultant since 2001 with a track record of helping businesses succeed in their endeavours. Lastly, she loves the game of golf, so she loves to share her love with others in a simplistic way. Most importantly, she’s a devoted mother and active community leader!

The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon

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