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An accomplished, dedicated and visionary leader with 25 years of experience teaching and leading the operational, planning, administrative and management practices in public schools.  I have transformed a school that historically secluded scholars to one that became fully inclusive.  Now I am in the midst of turning around a learning environment that was on a trend of low academic performance to one that inspires growth in scholars, families and staff.
-Turnaround schools, leading a school that was rated an F by the state of Texas
-Shaping the vision and mission of a school that has deep rooted traditions
Trista DeLaCruz – He led the staff in developing a new mission and vision our first year together that we then built on the second year when we faced some huge challenges with state accountability. Overall I would say his greatest asset as a leader is his ability to bring a staff together in a difficult situation and keep their focus on student needs. Due to his unwavering belief in all students and adults our data showed that our students grew more than almost every other elementary campus in our district this last year. #growingtogether
Ashley Garza – Something that sets Mr. Masini apart from other leaders is that he is truly a servant leader! He makes the stressful part of teaching less stressful through the encouragement and modeling of opportunities to be a successful educator. He is always a willing volunteer and chooses to be alongside the teachers whether that be in trainings or at school events, he is always there. His attitude and understanding of the demands placed on staff go above and beyond and he is willing to be a listening ear to the struggles while helping guide to solutions and then is mindful in celebrating those small wins!
Heather PerklIt was one of the first days of school at Bruce Vento Elementary and Scott Masini’s debut address as a new principal. The kids were wiggly and talkative, knowing this would be another lecture about how to act and follow CARES, be nice and work hard. It would have been easy to play it safe as a newcomer. But Mr. Masini didn’t play it safe and he didn’t talk about expectations. He started by saying something like this, “Over the summer, I talked to every teacher, every staff member in this building. I want you to know something. (Pause) YOUR- teachers-LOVE-you.” In that room of hundreds of kids and teachers, it was suddenly silent. In that one sentence, he framed how we felt and what we believed about our work. I have never heard a principal mention the word love so powerfully and effectively as Mr. Masini did on that day. It pulled us together as a community when we needed it most.
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