S2E19: Committed to Eminence Part 2 – Jeff Springer

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Jeff Springer | EdD
Committed to Eminence
An educator for 34 years, is the founder of the G.O.A.L. TEAM (Getting Others to Achieve Higher Levels). The G.O.A.L. TEAM was created for helping high school students and young adults to maximize their personal leadership potential.
Jeff, a former Texas High School Head Football Coach and eleven-year veteran of the classroom, is also formerly the Principal at Magnolia High School (2002-2016). In 2013 Jeff was selected as the State of Texas TASSP State Principal of the year.
Besides founding Spring Strategies LLC, Jeff currently serves part-time as the Minister of Men at Wildwood UMC and is also the founder of Suit Up Ministries, a nonprofit men’s ministry. Recently, Jeff became a University Student Teacher Supervisor at his alma mater Sam Houston State.
Jeff attended Abilene Christian University where he played on the 1977 National Championship Football team, received his Bachelor of Arts in Teaching from Sam Houston State University, and obtained his Masters of Sports Administration from the United States Sports Academy. In the spring of 2020, Jeff completed his Doctorate in Education with an emphasis in Transformational Leadership from Concordia University.
Jeff is passionate about people and “play.” Developing others and helping them see their value and completeness is what drives Jeff in all his relationships. Jeff loves being a husband, dad, and grandfather. He is always seeking ways to acknowledge men that strive to be the daily active devoted dads they are called to be.
Jeff, who resides in Montgomery, Texas, has been married for 39 years and has two children, and three grandchildren.
Twitter: @cultivatingplay
Instagram: cultivatingplay
Facebook: Spring Strategies, LLC
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