S2E20: Leader of FUN – Michelle Papa

Rob BreyerGuiding Principals Podcast

Michelle Papa is an Assistant Principal at Jefferson Township High School in Oak Ridge, New Jersey. She is passionate about the amplification of student’s voices, healthy school culture, trauma-informed education, and equity for all students. She has presented workshops on the topics of using digital tools for formative assessment, community building in the virtual classroom, text-dependent questioning, state testing rubrics, and the ALICE response to active shooter events. She is also a mom of two and wife to Danny Papa, a K-12 Supervisor of Social Studies, Fine Art, and Technology Education in the same school district.
Show Highlights:
  • This misrepresentation that as an administrator you will not be as connected with students.
  • Must be intentional – devote time to relationship building
  • As an assistant principal, working with a more diverse population of students that extend beyond my classroom, I have a better understanding of trauma – Michael McKnight & Dr. Laurie Dusseault – Eyes Are Never Quiet “Brains in pain cannot learn”
Twitter: @MPapaEdu
Facebook: Michelle Haupt-Papa
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