Power of Connections – Livia Chan

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Which part of being a visionary leader do you resonate with the most? How can we start this podcast powerfully? What story do you have? 

  • Starts with mindset: With great power comes great responsibility. – Peter Parker principle 
  • (HT) = Head Teacher = Heart Teacher, servant leader, lead with love and heart, relationships are foundational to leadership and learning, genuinely care and connect

What leadership topics interest you?  

  • Building school culture through relationships
  • Power of connections
  • Mindset

Think about a time you failed and how you were able to overcome it.

  • Growth mindset, positivity and gratitude

Best piece of leadership advice you ever got and how it has impacted you. TWO:

  • Know yourself and be yourself. How? Self-discovery
    • Know what you believe & value. (Live into your values – Brene Brown)
    • Know your strengths & impact. Know your passion!
    • Believe in yourself. 
    • Listen to feedback from others. Sometimes you don’t see it. Imposter syndrome.
  • Find your tribe. You are not alone. Teach Better Admin Mastermind. 
    • Power of connection! #strongertogether #bettertogether
    • Motto: Working together to better ourselves, each other, and the world around us.
    • Growth 

What do you think is something every leader should do to positively impact their school? Give examples.

  • See every day as a gift. Every person is a gift. 
  • In every interaction, you have the opportunity to uplift others to help make their day a brighter one through our kindness and gratitude. 
    • Small things but really aren’t small things when all added up
    • Gratitude is meant to be shared.
    • The Best Self-care is Kindness to Othersif you want to be happier, you should focus more on kindness to others than kindness to yourself. Research out of Oxford confirms that even tiny acts of kindness can have profound effects on our happiness, and other studies show small acts of kindness can ripple out, boosting mental well-being in the wider community.”
    • Maya Angelou quote: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
  • DO
    • Starts with welcome. 
    • Light up your face when you see people
    • Build relationships. Get to know your people. Staff are like your students.
    • Notecards (happy notes) for all staff to uplift or appreciate

You say relationships are key. How do you build and maintain positive relationships in your school?

  • Time, effort, sprinkle kindness everywhere, and “Gratitude is meant to be shared.”
    • Be a reacher outer and uplifter
  • New school examples:
    • Students: memorized names, looked up pictures, time
    • Staff: memorize names. Sign in sheet. 
    • Offer support. Regular reminders that I am here for them. Show not just tell. Be present and available.

How do you handle others who may be resistant to positive relationships?

  • Build relationships

What is something you have read that you feel every school leader should read?

  • Dare to Lead – Brene Brown

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