S2E12: Even Keel Leadership – Ray Porten

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Raymond  is a husband to an AMAZING wife, a father of  2 wonderful boys, and a principal.  He loves traveling, cooking with his boys, and co-hosting 2 podcasts.  He has worked as a 5th grade teacher, middle school dean, 7th and 8th  grade social studies teacher, middle school assistant principal and now as a principal.  He believes in the importance of building relationships and of taking every opportunity to lead and make a difference in the world.
My dad is one of my biggest influences and as I grew up and listened to his advice there were lots of parts I took from him but one for leadership I hold dearest is:
  • As a leader I should always be training and empowering the people below me to do my job and lead.  That if I create and empower them our company/business/work will grow and be successful.  He always related to the idea of a football coaches coaching tree. Everyday leadership, building leadership within everyone.
  • Building culture and climate
  • Leading change
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