Episode 42: Ditching Doubt in 3 Simple Steps

Lindsay TitusDefine YOUniversity Podcast

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In episode 41, we unpacked how to be resilient as an educator. One theme that I observe over and over is the overshadowing of resiliency by doubt. Doubt in who we are, doubt in our abilities, doubt in the world around us. Doubt, often then followed by guilt, are two emotions that can hold us back from shining our light as educators! In this week’s episode, I am sharing three simple steps to ditch the doubt for good, and live a life where you use your power, your inner strength to serve and ignite the learning passion for your students, your colleagues, and of course, yourself!

Take a listen and of course let me know what resonates with you and what you will taking away from the episode! As always, thank you for being YOU and thank you for supporting DEFINE YOUniversity!

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