Episode 121: We’re Back! Life Updates and Lessons Learned so far in January!

Lindsay TitusDefine YOUniversity Podcast

Hello Define YOU Crew! I am so excited YOU are here! Welcome to the Define YOUniversity Podcast!

WE ARE BACK! Wow! What was meant to be a couple weeks off, turned into a few months…but we are back and I’m more excited than ever!

With the return of the podcast, YOU will notice some different takes on the content being shared! Each week will be a in-real time journal entry of sorts, of lessons learned, tips learned, strategies used, YOU name it, and I’m going to share it!

This week includes 4 ideas that I’ve been using/reflecting on so far in January! The lessons include:

  • The importance of planning your time, and using it specifically but also flexibly 🙂

  • Using the tools YOU already have when setting out on a goal or outcome you desire

  • Transitioning with purpose between different roles of your day

  • My personal plan to take back control of my health before I turn 40!

I’m so excited to bring this real-time content to each of YOU each week! As always, don’t forget YOU can always ask questions or share ideas on the website at www.defineyouniversity.com/podcast

Take a listen and of course let me know what resonates with you and what you will taking away from the episode! As always, thank you for being YOU and thank you for supporting DEFINE YOUniversity! Please be sure to tag me @lindsaytitusedu on Instagram and share this episode with your friends, your colleagues, or anyone YOU think would love this episode! I’m always so grateful to YOU for spreading the word and the mission of Define YOUniversity!

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Have an amazing week everyone and I’ll see YOU in the next episode!


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