Episode 120: Following Your True Calling with Emily Carpenter

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Hello Define YOU Crew! I am so excited YOU are here! Welcome to the Define YOUniversity Podcast!

In this week’s episode, Emily Carpenter is joining us on the podcast! I was recently introduced to Emily via social media, as we are both local to the Rochester, NY area! I immediately fell in love with her business and knew I wanted to bring her on the show!

Emily is the founder of SAGE Rochester which stands for Support, Advocate, Grow and Educate. On her website https://www.sagerochester.com/ her mission reads: Our mission is to support families and individuals with different abilities across multiple environments, cultivate independence, and foster growth.

When asked, “Why SAGE Rochester?” Emily shares: “As a special education teacher, I commonly see the disconnect between a student’s routine and independence at school and their routine and independence at home. Often, a child is more independent at school. Schools provide supports and/or strategies such as visual schedules, visuals, timers, etc., to foster independence in the classroom.  When the strategies and supports used in schools are available for the home, a child is able to cultivate more independence, growth, and success.”

-Emily Carpenter
Founder, SAGE Rochester

As Emily shares in the episode, she was a special education teacher who turned her passion of helping students learn social skills into her career. She has built SAGE into an amazing company today and I know it will continue to grow each year!

Her message is simple, yet profound! If you have an idea on your heart…go after it! I love that so much!

I hope YOU love this episode, as I know I was inspired by Emily’s energy and passion for the field!


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