Episode 107: Looking Beyond Coping Strategies (Part 1 of 2)

Lindsay TitusDefine YOUniversity Podcast

Hello Define YOU Crew! I am so excited YOU are here! Welcome to the Define YOUniversity Podcast! In this week’s episode we’re talking all things related to coping strategies. And I’ve got to be honest. The more that I learn about mindset and the inner-workings of our minds, the more I am less reliant on coping strategies. And in this episode, I’m sharing why with each of YOU! This is a 2-part episode so be sure to stop back next week to catch the follow up episode to the foundation laid in today’s recording!

Take a listen and of course let me know what resonates with you and what you will taking away from the episode! As always, thank you for being YOU and thank you for supporting DEFINE YOUniversity! Please be sure to tag me @lindsaytitusedu on Instagram and share this episode with your friends, your colleagues, or anyone YOU think would love this episode! I’m always so grateful to YOU for spreading the word and the mission of Define YOUniversity!

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In this weeks episode I'm sharing how my own mindset has shifted when it comes to coping strategies and what I believe is key when it comes to behavior change! Click To Tweet