Show 93: Helping Students Dream One Lesson at a Time

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Ramon Benavides is a dedicated father, husband, and educator.  He is committed to providing opportunities to students who normally wouldn’t see them.  Most of all, he is dedicated to showing his students, who see themselves in him, that they too can dream.  Ramon brings an approach to his biology classes that pushes the standards forward, while focusing on the experiences … Read More

The Gift of Leadership

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TL;DR: There are five aspects to the gift of leadership. We need to see potential, believe in others, nurture the skill, teach leadership explicitly, and then we must provide opportunities to empower them to lead. Leadership is a skill that needs to be developed. Just like all teachers are leaders, all students are leaders too. Notice, name, and nurture. Show … Read More

The Gift of Opportunity

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TL;DR: Opportunities are everywhere. It’s up to us to see them and take them.  Know your WHY. Align opportunities with your core values and beliefs. My WHY is all about relationships. There are opportunities everywhere—every interaction, every person, every place to build relationships.  Model to students to see opportunities, and to take and create them to better themselves. There are … Read More

9 Ways to Fix Your Lesson Plans: Scaffold Student Learning Opportunities

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9 Ways to Fix Your Lesson Plans - Scaffold Learning Opportunities

What’s the 3rd way you can fix your lesson plans? Create scaffolded student learning opportunities! Using the Content Break Down discussed in Fix#1, Fix #3 focuses on utilizing scaffolded targets to design meaningful learning opportunities! The most effective way to create strong, scaffolded targets is to utilize Webb’s Depth Of Knowledge (DOK).  DOK allows teachers to build content knowledge in a … Read More