Show 93: Helping Students Dream One Lesson at a Time

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Ramon Benavides is a dedicated father, husband, and educator.  He is committed to providing opportunities to students who normally wouldn’t see them.  Most of all, he is dedicated to showing his students, who see themselves in him, that they too can dream.  Ramon brings an approach to his biology classes that pushes the standards forward, while focusing on the experiences of students.


In This Episode We Cover

  • Utilizing relationships to build rapport, connecting with their personal lives.  Sports, family businesses, mutual respect

  • Teaching beyond the test

  • Ramon was hooked on biology to switch majors because his professor provided real world experiences.

  • Focus on the learning experiences and sprinkle in some small test prep lessons to ensure the success of your students.

  • Create experiences for students that start in the classroom and extend beyond.

  • 25 minutes great sound bite

  • The challenges of living and teaching on the border

  • Creating collaborative work experiences to build relationships for students peer to peer

  • Recognizing student backgrounds and incorporating that into the classroom


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