Show 145: AP Calculus Turns Student-Centered Learning

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Dr. Michael Ida is the 2023 Hawaii Teacher of the Year and a long-time math teacher. More recently in his career, he started teaching computer science, and this transition has created a huge shift in his teaching approach and education mindset. The focus of his teaching and the design of the lesson has transferred over to student experiences and interactions.

  • Michael’s approach to teaching computer science was focused on creating scenarios and situations for students to learn through challenge.

  • This style of instruction empowered Michael to transform his AP Calc instructional approach.

  • There is less lecturing, less upfront instruction, and more time for students to learn through collaboration and problem-solving.

  • This is a well-designed, thoughtfully orchestrated, and carefully designed.

  • Students progress through the problems with constant teacher check-ins.

Twitter: @drmikeida

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