Show 131, Summer PD Series 6: The Science of Goal Setting

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We brought Dr. Don Berg back to the podcast to focus solely on goal setting.  It is crucial personal practice for us to implement to grow as professionals. There are specific strategies and science behind how our brain works to hack successful goal setting. We dive deep into the conversation and focus on how to support students with the goal-setting process as well.
  • It is necessary to set small goals to reach other goals.  Our brain needs checkpoints to reach for.
  • It is essential to know how you are rewarded and motivated to help you facilitate an environment to reach your own goals.
  • Find accountability partners to help you reach your goals: administrators, grade-level partners, team members, or content area partners. This accountability is so important. Don’t forget about our students as accountability partners too!
  • Achieving goals cannot necessarily build momentum, but it can help align us to the goal-achieving process.
  • It is essential to expose students to the process of goal setting, whether or not they will succeed or fail.
  • If you need help to set goals, make goal-setting your goal.
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