139: Worldly Education Focused on Home and Dreams

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Cohens Mugisha is an incredible educator, changing the lives of the students he works with in his community of Ibanda, Uganda. His classes are focused specifically on writing and speech, but it is evident throughout the conversation these are only leverage points to create real-world learning experiences for students.
  • Technology integration is a pursuit of all educators; it’s just a means of what type of technology
  • His students are engaged in real-world skills to help apply to the outside world.
  • In this debate, students are learning the necessary skills to speak successfully. They are even engaging with students from other continents in these debates.
  • His students are working with professionals in the community to enhance their experiences in the classroom.
  • Their work is helping his students become expert leaders, and he is most proud of these accomplishments.
Twitter: MugishaCohens
LinkedIn: MugishaCohens
Facebook – MCmentorshipgroup

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