Why I Became a Teacher

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TL;DR: A teacher can easily have either a positive or negative influence on learners. Choose your words and actions wisely. As an educator, our superpower is to shape and mold today’s learners so they can be valuable members of society. When I was in grade school, I had some amazing teachers.  I remember one time where one teacher, Ms. Inman, … Read More

Leading By Empowering Blog Series

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Leading By Empowering Series Overview Unless you have an official title, you may not consider yourself to be a leader…yet. May we challenge you to believe that as an educator, you ARE a leader. Don’t be fooled by the title of this course. This is not only for those who hold a title but also for any educator who works … Read More

The Power of Empowerment

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TL;DR: Teachers need to take a step into their students’ reality to truly understand them and see the world from their perspective. All students have the capability of being leaders in the classroom. The power of empowerment means encouraging our students to love themselves and be whatever they seek out to be. What does empowerment look like in your classroom? … Read More

5 Quick Tips For HyFlex Instruction

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TL;DR: HyFlex instruction is when teachers provide in-person and online learning experiences simultaneously. Tips for HyFlex instruction include being simple and authentic, checking in with students, using the chat feature, keeping the meet on during independent activities, making eye contact with learners, and providing ongoing feedback. Always Learning As I scrolled through Twitter this week, I stumbled across a term … Read More

Model, Empower and Analyze a Growth Mindset

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TL;DR: Strategies to model and empower a growth mindset among your students. An attached student graphic to help develop a growth mindset in your class. Now more than ever, we must model and empower a growth mindset amongst educators and students. Teachers can empower a growth mindset by discussing examples, modeling the language in questions and feedback, and by doing … Read More