Embracing My Teaching Journey

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TL;DR: “Eventually” symbolizes resilience in teaching’s ups and downs. Each challenge is a step toward professional growth and triumph. Embrace the power of perspective shift for a resilient teaching journey. Are you ready for a transformative journey through the ups and downs of the teaching world? Join me as I share key insights, delving into the heart of resilience, growth, … Read More

A Culture of Learning: Shifting From Teaching to Empowerment

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TL;DR: Schools were designed for both teaching and learning. The top skills kids need to know are analytical thinking and innovation, active learning and learning strategies, complex problem-solving, critical thinking and analysis, creativity, originality, and initiative. The difference between teaching and empowerment is when a teacher becomes so focused on the destination that students are not allowed to drive the … Read More

Episode 30: Evolving with Gratitude with Lainie Rowell

Darrin PeppardLeaning Into Leadership

How can we empower kids to be agents of change who make the world a better place? What exactly is equifinality? How do we savor moments of joy in our lives? Lainie Rowell stops by the show to give her thoughts. That, plus your #PepTalk and more on this week’s show.   MORE EPISODES

The Excitement in a Student’s Eye

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TL;DR: Empowering students allows them to be leaders. It provides opportunities for them to be creative and innovative. Creating a safe space where students feel respected and heard is important in creating this environment. Providing opportunities for students to share, listen to others’ perspectives, lead, create, and follow their own interests empowers students. Empowerment Empowerment is defined as the process … Read More

Student Empowered Conferences

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TL;DR: Students feel empowered as they share their goals, learning, and growth in all different areas of the curriculum. You can include voice and choice in student-led conferences. Being intentional about what you do before, during, and after conferences leads to finding success in the goals for the conferences. A link to resources can be found below for a notice … Read More