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Alicia Ray is a veteran educator of 13 years from North Carolina. She has taught PreK-8th grade students and currently serves as a digital learning coach and media coordinator in a STEM magnet middle school. She is the author of Educational Eye Exam: Creating Your Vision for Education, which will be available in September from Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc. She blogs frequently at and is active on Twitter as @iluveducating.

Holli Hudson on Alicia Ray:

Alicia Ray is a ray of sunshine who sprinkles a bit of sparkle wherever she goes. In fact, I have given her the nickname #tinkerbell because she is always smiling, with a bit of an attitude. I approach her with an idea for a math lesson that I am planning and she just makes it better infusing the idea with technology and real-world connections. Her ideas and encouragement that she gives make me want to be a better teacher. Our school, students, and staff are lucky to have her. She is constantly working on making the media center a better learning space for all. I look forward to her media professional developments, where I leave with new ideas and refreshed energy.

Show Highlights:

#NCDLCN via The Friday Institute
New Book Educational Eye Exam: Creating Your Vision for Education coming in September.
DBC 50 Challenge
Create mutual trust First Followers Video – Be the lone nut for your followers
The Four O’clock Faculty by Rich Czyz 

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